Linladan is Swedish for flax barn:
the threads we have on this website is from flax grown and spun in the heart of Sweden's textile industrial area in the 1960's. As the factory closed down, the remaining yarn was hidden away in a haberdashery stockroom for decades.
We're still researching the story of this yarn, hoping to write it here and on the blog as it unfolds. Although we will add threads from other parts of the world when stumble upon some, the purpose of this website is to present the Swedish yarn Linblomman (The Flax Flower).

An old Scandinavian proverb tells "Ull blir mull och lin blir gull",
(Wool becomes dust, flax becomes gold) and we have found the latter to be true: linen stays beautiful and strong, ready for stitching now or in 50 years.

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Update March: we are at Selvedge Spring Fair in Bath on Saturday the 25th of March, and shipping Tuesday's and Friday's as usual.

2017 fairs:

Selvedge Spring Fair, Bath, March 25th
Sint Niklaas Annual Bookbinder Fair, Belgium
SIT select, Stroud, May 21-22
Festival of Quilts, Birmingham NEC, August
Dublin Knitting & Stitching Show, October