Linen & Tweed Treasure Box #3

Linen & Tweed Treasure Box #3

1960's linen, over 130m of three different weights (38/3, 16/2, 25/4)
Danish flowerthread (modern)
Larger hank of contemporary linen, smaller hank mustard vintage linen
Machine and hand sewing silk from the late 1800's
Soft cotton Luna embroidery thread, vintage, two skeins
Vintage DMC, four skeins
Modern Donegal tweed, four kinds
Vintage wool thread
Darning thread, vintage
Vintage cotton for weaving, paper spool
Antique French press studs from an old Copenhagen haberdashery
Strong linen thread on antique card, for bookbinding, sewing leather 
A braid of weaving linen, Swedish
A spool of variegated fine thread, almost 50g, unknown maker

ll packed in a 1960's Nordiska linen embroidery thread box

27 GBP

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