Circle #24 Nordiska Print with vintage linen threads

Circle #24 Nordiska Print with vintage linen threads

1960’s Nordiska print on contemporary linen. 50x50cm fabric.

Linen threads and two printed cards included: one card with a photograph of the original artwork, an English translation of stitches used, and a brief history of its origins. The other card describes the 24 common stitches used by Nordiska in their kits. This embroidery kit involves a little bit of improvising, as we don’t have the exact instructions for it.

The threads that are wrapped with a label are all vintage, both Swedish and Scottish mid century, and the hank is contemporary linen dyed in Sweden. 

Linen shrinks 4-5%, soak before laundry and always avoid tumble drying for linen fibres. The print is wash proof.

The last picture shows both the (blue) 1960's original, and a woodland coloured print, so you can see the positioning of the print on the 50x50cm fabric. For backing (if you like to make a cushion) it's nice to use for example Donegal tweed, or any vintage fabric. 

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