Antique Silk - 5 spools

Antique Silk - 5 spools

This machine silk called "Coronet" as shown on the label, was made by A.W. & Co Ltd. sometime in the late 1800's.
It's marked "Silver medal Paris, 1878" "Gold medal Calcutta, 1884" "Strength and weight guaranteed".
I found these spools in an old haberdashery of Copenhagen, Denmark, about two years ago, when a house was being emptied to be sold. The store called Siegfried Hass had closed sometime around the 50's and left an incredible stock of beautiful high quality threads and buttons, and I brought the entire stock with me back to the UK after helping clearing the rooms over a weekend.
Before selling any of these spools online, I treat them with care over quite a long time so that any scent of "stockroom" will be gone, then send out spools to professionals who uses silk a lot in their work, for example conservators, and only after approval do they end up in this webshop.
We have found that although this silk is very very old, it can still gently be used on an old sewing machine. It has also been used in dressmaking, on silk fabric, and for hand sewing in textile arts.

This is the last lot of my gatherings from Copenhagen,
only single spools will be available in Treasure Boxes now and then.

Label intact on one of the spools, and the weight 25 gram in total.
12.50 GBP