Vintage Silver Le Prophete press studs 7mm

Vintage Silver Le Prophete press studs 7mm

36 silver vintage Le Prophete press studs / snap fasteners on original card.

The press studs listed here were part stock of an old Copenhagen haberdashery that closed sometime around the 1940's or 50's, and has been stored in a place we call The Inventor's House ever since. 

The cards have been packed in their original boxes since they were made, and they are in a remarkably good condition for their age. If 8 cards are bought together, they will be packed in one of the original boxes
(7 boxes in stock). 

Size of the stud: 7 mm in diameter
Size of card: 15.7 cm tall, 10 cm wide. 

Available in black and silver. Guaranteed rust free and made in France, early 1900's. 

1.50 GBP