PASTEL Mini #2- The Flax Flower 1960's linen embroidery yarn

Pastel Mini #2
126 metre / 9 skeins:
rock grey | sandy note | lover's knot pink | lupine & lilac hues  | hope blue | soft emerald |  pale mint 

This wonderful 100% flax linen yarn was grown and spun in one of the main textile industrial areas of Sweden, in the 1960's. It is a fine and strong thread with a beautiful lustre, and was used in all embroidery;  monograms, household linen decorations, modern textile artwork etc. You can use this soft flaxen thread in any needlework project, and as it will still look beautiful a hundred years from now, it is ideal for heirloom stitching.

Each skein is 15.9 yd / 14m and still in the original wrapping from the 60's.

If you order 20 skeins at the same time, we'll include a Linblomman /Flax Flower paper box. 
Please note the order has to be in the same shipment. 
The boxes, white with pale blue/dark blue illustrations of flowering flax, are printed with the text "Bästa lingarn för broderi" which means "The best linen yarn for embroidery" (!)

18 GBP