Knox's of Kilbirnie - Mid century linen embroidery yarn - single skein

 W & J Knox thread mills started in the 1700's, manufacturing exquisite embroidery & lace making thread out of British flax fibre for over 200 years. The Knox's of Kilbirnie (Scotland) were long world leading in linen thread production, it's success lay in a special reverse twist of the thread that allowed it to stay strong and supple.
This particular lot of 70+ colours came from a Scandinavian ecclesiastical workshop where exclusive textiles were embroidered for churches all over Europe, mostly around the 1960's. The thread is in perfect condition: bright, lustrous and made to last, possibly grown and spun in the 1940's.

Each skein is 21.3 yd (20 meter) long, 100% flax, and marked "Linen Floss Embroidery Thread" or "Linen Needlework Art Thread".
Price per 1 skein.

The stock is very limited with only 3-20 skeins per colour. Pink 555, peach 546 and dark grey 584, over 50 skeins available.
Orders of 24 will be packed in original W & J Knox boxes, beautiful paper boxes with typography typical of the 1920's - 1940's.

More information about the fascinating Knox family: