Flower Thread #19

Flower Thread #19

10 skeins of Flora x 20m.
(200 metre in total)

Flora cotton is a fine, soft, matte, 1-stranded 100% cotton thread which gives a beautiful, natural fall on embroideries. Use single-stranded on finer fabrics - on more stout fabrics, 2 threads can be used.

The flower thread was developed in the 1920's by The Danish Handcraft Guild in collaboration with master dyer Einar Hansen. The palette was made to be as near as possible to the natural colours of dyes used by peasants in the 1800's. The shades of today's Flora threads are the same as Einar Hansen's chart, with an additional 30 colours.

Flora cotton can contain surplus colour from dying the yarn, therefore it is important to wash the embroideries to avoid smudging: wash the embroidery in the machine at 30-60° C (according to how the fabric can be washed). Use soap without bleach. It is important that the embroidery is constantly moved, so any possible surplus color cannot "fasten". Do not soak.

After washing iron the embroidery until dry. Iron from the back side with a piece of white cotton fabric over the embroidery. Moisten the fabric before ironing if it's dry.

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